Macayo’s Tamalada

MACAYO'S TAMALADA TAMALE SEASON! Introducing for the first time, Macayo's Tamaladas! A Tamalada (tamal-making party) is a traditional Mexican event where groups of family and friends get together to make tamales. This holiday season, we’ll be hosting Tamale Making

Macayo’s, Foodist Awards

MACAYO'S, FOODIST AWARDS Earlier this month, Macayo’s was recognized at the 2022 Foodist Awards, by the Arizona Restaurant Association, as the most “Uniquely Arizona” restaurant in the state. We are honored, and delighted to accept this award, and we

Macayo’s Gives Back

MACAYO'S GIVES BACK Shared from our Macayo's Mexican Restaurants team! All throughout the month of June, we're focused on giving back to our community in many ways! As we continue to see costs rise, we stay committed to making

Macayo’s Food Truck

MACAYO'S FOOD TRUCK Traveling Across the Valley! We are so excited to announce our very own Food Truck!This new vehicle allows us to truly bring our Macayo flavors to events and festivals around the valley. Even more exciting, guests