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Ana Spadafora

VP of AIRPORT Operations

Ana Spadafora
was born and raised in Torreon, Mexico, where she attended ITESM Campus Laguna
for three years, studying industrial engineering. In 1999, Spadafora moved to
the United States, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and professionalism
as an experienced multi-unit, results-focused manager.

She has
more than 15 years of progressive leadership experience within the food and beverage
industry and the distinct ability to help high potential team members develop
into outstanding leaders that demonstrate the creative savvy essentials for
financial and operational success. Honesty, kindness, hard work and helping
them achieve goals beyond their expectations are pillars of her professional ethic.

thrives on rising to a challenge — and creating resolutions to problems. In her
free time, she can be found taking a yoga class, enjoying the outdoors and