$0.77 FOR 77 YEARS!

In 2021, to celebrate Macayo’s 75th Anniversary we offered a $0.75 special on the 26th of every month, January to August, leading up to the official anniversary September 26th. To say the response from guests was amazing would be an understatement – you all loved it!

In 2023, we are very excited to bring this back with $0.77 specials to celebrate 77 years! 
WOW! Our Crispy Tacos join the heat wave with a new record of 30,464 sold in a day! We are honored by the demand and response from you all. Thank you to our team for enduring such an unprecedented day…You all are the best!

Our monthly Anniversary specials are a testament to the loyalty of our Macayo’s fans for the last 77 years and we are honored that you showed up in this record setting heat to celebrate and set the most tacos sold in a day’s record at Macayos with us. To us, this event is not just another typical discount to build business for the day, but to share our appreciation for the continued support from YOU, our community. Again, thank you…thank you! Thank you for celebrating with us yesterday and all throughout this year! We look forward to celebrating with you again next month with our monthly $0.77 celebration on Saturday, August 26th.