$0.77 FOR 77 YEARS!

In 2021, to celebrate Macayo’s 75th Anniversary they offered a $0.75 special on the 26th of every month, January to August, leading up to their official anniversary September 26th. To say the response from guests was amazing would be an understatement – you all loved it!

In 2023, Macayo’s is very excited to bring this back with $0.77 specials to celebrate 77 years! To kick it off, $0.77 Red Cheese Enchiladas on January 26th, 2023! 
THANK YOU! For an incredible turn out for $0.77 Churro Day! Yesterday we sold 1,000 Churros! Thank you to every one of you for all of the love and positive feedback! Shout out to our team for all of their hard work and such a fun day! ⁠

Macayo’s official anniversary is September 26th but they will continue to celebrate every month leading up to it! Sign up for their VIP eClub or follow along on any of their social media channels, they’re going to have a lot to announce!