CHIMI CHIMI SHAKE! There is practically a holiday for every beloved food in America so why not the chimichanga? We can all agree, the chimichanga is a special dish on the Macayo’s menu…it deserves some love! September 26th, 2020 marks the first official National Chimichanga Day.

This story starts with a burrito. When Macayo’s first opened its doors over 75 years ago, it quickly became a popular destination for quality handcrafted Mexican food with their signature family recipes. But when the restaurant’s founder accidentally dropped a meat burrito into the fryer, he discovered a whole new way to serve this iconic item. What came out of the fryer that day was a crisp, savory burrito that became a legend in its own right.

Seeing they had something special on their hands — or plates — Macayo’s topped the concoction with zesty relleno sauce, sour cream, and fresh Pico de Gallo. The reception was massive, with Phoenix diners clamoring for this novel culinary creation. Over the years, Macayo’s has perfected and innovated the chimichanga, filling it with a wide variety of flavorful meats, cheeses, and serving it to their guests all around the Phoenix area.

In the decades since that fateful day, Macayo’s has introduced the ‘Mini Chimi’ — bite-sized handfuls of deep-fried goodness — and have hosted powerful and influential people, including then-President Barack Obama who visited Macayo’s in 2009 to celebrate his daughter Malia’s birthday. The impact of the chimichanga has grown into a cultural phenomenon and we have the serendipitous marriage of a burrito and a deep fryer to thank for it. On National Chimichanga Day, let’s all think about the roots of this delicious dish and its creators.